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Hi Folks! I'm a belgian Singer/Songwriter/producer. I have my own studio situated in Adinkerke Belgium where I make recordings for myself and other artists. My songs are taken out of real life and reflect about the feelings, burdens and emotions every human being in this world experiences. Most of my songs originate basically from me and my guitar out of which the body of the song is created. As a lyricist , composer and producer I'm also available for other artists that are searching someone who can help them, listen to them and provide them the tools they need for releasing good songs. Keep an eye on my page and certainly an ear on the songs I release. I hope you get a good vibe of emotions while listening to my songs, which is my main goal of making music. If so, like and share my songs as much as you can with your friends and family. This is the most beautiful reward you can give me as an artist. Thank you!




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