"Where words fail, music speaks..."

When I was younger I got introduced to a legendary band paving paths while I wasn't even aware of music-related terms such as tempo, rhythm, keys, ... But I will forever be grateful for Amy Lee her angelic voice and all the (former) members of the band Evanescence for showing me that it's okay to love what you love to do and to be proud of it, no matter what, even when life throws you stuff you fear you cannot handle.

Even though it took me a while to find my way back into music, I feel now more than ever ready to rock & roll, write music, sing them heartbreaking ballads and rock it out. Challenge(s) accepted, as always!

Goal in life? Collab with Amy Lee (and/or Evanescence), Within Temptation, Lzzy Hale, Breaking Benjamin and so many more. Time is now, let us not waste it by postponing stuff.

I really want to thank the bands Evanescence and Within Temptation for having colored my childhood, my adolescence AND my adulthood up 'til now. You guys have no idea how your sunlight music cleared up some dark cloud skies for me and many others. <3

A special shoutout to Johan Schots / Studio Kite for believing in me, giving me the opportunity to turn my thoughts into music and keeping up with my strong-headed thoughts at times. Thank you for the co-writing moments and arrangements you made around my initial ideas. Thank you for your honesty as well as providing me room to breath and try out new things.





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